GEA, Institute for Psychosocial Counselling and Social Innovation is a special model of social entrepreneurship that employs people with disabilities. Our mission is  the provision of innovative concepts for the community combining the latest knowledge in the fields of social and cognitive science, neurobiology and social work. This serves as a basis for a “learning community” and for education of citizens.

 GEA is confirmed by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce as a learning centre for students and occasionally preparing workshops and training sessions also for other target groups.

 Our unique integrated model and approach is based on both integration and education, especially on

  • knowledge, based on the latest findings in social work, media literacy and environment and health issues
  • consistent commitment to ethics and ethical behaviuor
  • adding value to community
  • being a good example for social entrepreneurship
  • integration of vulnerable groups in the employment of people with disabilities
  • cooperation with carefully selected suppliers
  • promotion of local self-sufficiency


AT GEA, we follow the structure of the European Quality Assurance in Social Services EQUASS. Our mother company INTEGRA has been awarded in 2013 as first Slovenian social counselling institute the EQUASS Certificate. This quality certificate is customised for the social sector and offers a comprehensive approach based on quality criteria and key performance indicators.