<br>Recognition of Competences Acquired By Volunteers

Recognition and validation of competences from informal or non-formal settings is commonly understood as one of the most important challenges for educational and training sector nowadays. One of the most powerful informal learning contexts is represented by the volunteering sector, where young people of all education, cultural and social backgrounds, have the opportunity to experience […]


Climate change and nutrition are closely linked because food production has a directand indirect impact on the climate. In youth education, it is important to highlight thislink, because our eating habits have a major impact on the climate. HEALTHY FUTURE raises young people‘s awareness of nutrition patterns and theirimpact on the climate. The project aims […]

Senior Social Entrepreneurship

Business, as well as talent, has no age. Entrepreneurship can also be a choice for people aged 55+. Older people in the European Union will soon account for a third of the total population. It is a group of people who strive to continue to contribute with their personal and professional experience to building an […]