Business, as well as talent, has no age.

Entrepreneurship can also be a choice for people aged 55+.

Older people in the European Union will soon account for a third of the total population. It is a group of people who strive to continue to contribute with their personal and professional experience to building an inclusive society. It is thanks to their experience and social ties that they are particularly suitable for launching or maintaining social entrepreneurship projects.

The aim of the SSE project is therefore to raise awareness of the benefits of social entrepreneurship for older people.

We have therefore created a set of materials about social entrepreneurship and interactive online trainings for this target group, including podcasts. They focus on the topics of motivation, business plan, marketing, communication, but also managerial and social skills. At the same time, you will find examples of good practice on the platform, which will be presented by 55+ entrepreneurs from the partner countries of the project. All materials are available on our e-platform: